I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Science at York University. As a geographer, I study social, political, and environmental change with a longstanding focus on rivers and water governance in the fields of political ecology and political geography. Before moving to my current role at York University, I also held positions at the University of Toronto and University of Melbourne (I maintain an Honorary Senior Research Fellow Position at Melbourne). In 2014, I completed my dissertation, Ecologies of Rule and Resistance, focused on the politics of ecological knowledge and development of the Salween River at York University‚Äôs Department of Geography.

In addition to academic work, my professional experiences include policy analysis and research into the social dimensions of environmental and climate change with Oxfam, International Rivers, TERRA, and UN Women. 

Research Interests

human-environment geography, political ecology, political geography, geographies of water justice, international water governance, rivers, climate and environmental change, science studies, feminist political ecology


Antipode Article: "Dams, Diversions, and Development: Slow Resistance and Authoritarian Rule in the Salween River Basin." Open Access.

Geography Compass Review "Beyond state politics in Asia's transboundary rivers: Revisiting two decades of critical hydropolitics." Open Access.